About Us

Founded in 1989, Relational Systems Inc. began with the vision to create a software application for the staffing industry. The vision became WinSearch and that beginning launched the intense focus on product innovation that is still at the core of our development efforts.
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WinSearch Cloud Service

We can host your data on our servers. WinSearch Cloud Service allows you to concentrate on your business while we host WinSearch for you.
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Installed Client Server

Run WinSearch on your server. From single-user systems to multiple office installations, WinSearch is easy to deploy.
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User Training

RSI offers a variety of training options designed to effectively transfer knowledge and bring your users up to speed quickly.
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WinSearch - Recruiting Software that powers the staffing industry!

WinSearch Recruiting Software is utilized by more than 21,000 professionals representing over 2,500 successful recruiting and staffing organizations.

WinSearch is an advanced Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Contact Management Database Technology that is unparalleled in the industry. It sets the standards that competing recruiting software applications continually struggle to meet.

WinSearch is supported by a company that has been developing innovative software and technical solutions for the recruiting industry since 1989.

WinSearch's track record of successful installations ranges in size from single users and small specialty firms to large multi-national corporations employing hundreds of users across multiple locations.

WinSearch boasts a twenty year history of exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.

WinSearch is backed by comprehensive data conversion, installation, training, service and support programs designed to compress implementation timeframes, provide customer-driven assistance, and protect your software investment.


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WinSearch is leading-edge recruiting software that streamlines your business process with exclusive features that increase efficiency, improve communications, and enhance recruiting performance, allowing you to fill more positions, with better candidates, at a lower cost.
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